Our Story

I am Leah, founder of ELLA collective. I am a wife & mom with a little miracle baby, now toddler, Ellery Ann & have a love for everything, art and style.  Spending years working in the fashion industry, studying Fashion Marketing, & doing internships in NYC, I toyed with the idea of starting my own business for a long time.  It wasn't until after my husband & I had our daughter that it suddenly became apparent that I needed to create something for her.  She inspired me then & continues to do so every day!  I hustle every day for you & our family.  I could not think of a better way to combine my love for art & fashion with my desire to give back to the community than partnering with artists & brands who have similar values.  There is something so gratifying about working in an industry that you enjoy while fulfilling a desire to do good for others.  One of my favorite parts about working in this industry is making other people feel beautiful!  When someone reaches out to catch up & tell you how much they loved the look you created for them, that is the best feeling.  I know I have made a positive impact on that person & my hope is that they will take that with them to impact someone else's day in a positive way.  ELLA collective is a celebration of family, love, & community.  Creating a retail environment that feels unique, intimate, & fresh is important.  Each piece is hand selected by myself with you in mind and my hope is that you feel the thought and love behind each one.


Our Mission...

We created ELLA collective as a way to bring our customer unique, feminine, & effortless pieces all while giving back to various humanitarian efforts across the globe. Our customer has a zest for life for which we provide a collection for every occasion. The heart of ELLA collective is to reinvent the retail experience through a philanthropic spirit.