Perth Backless Dress

$238.00 $298.00

  • The perth is backless, showing just enough skin. Elastic on the back waist holds in the waist, and the ties at the neck can adjust the fit. Elastic at the cuffs. Hand block printed by a family of master printers in Bagru, India using natural indigo dye and "dabu" mud printing method; this is a special fabric made with natural dye. Maud is stamped to form the pattern and sawdust is applied to create a barrier before the fabric is dipped into a 12' deep indigo vat. Once washed and dried in the sun, the indigo and imperfect print appear. The unique and imperfect beauty of this dye and printing method comes with special qualities. Therefore, careful care is essential to maintain the color and minimize dye transfer. Skin transfer is unlikely but possible, and be mindful of transfer to lighter fabrics that might rub against the fabric. Fading is normal and adds to the story.